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Audio, Video & Control Solutions

Sensory Audio Visual Systems is recognised for the quality and reliability of our service, delivering value and performance to our customers







Audio, Video & Control Solutions

Our high quality AV solutions love to be controlled, and when you find out how easy they are to use you'll understand why.







Audio, Video & Control Solutions

Sensory Audio Visual Systems is recognised for the quality and reliability of our service, delivering value and performance to our customers







Audio, Video & Control Solutions

Our high quality AV solutions love to be controlled, and when you find out how easy they are to use you'll understand why.

Home Security CCTV Installation & Wireless Home Security

Sensory Audio Visual Systems have a range of appliances and features to increase the security of your property, improve personal safety and reduce the fear of crime.

You can monitor entry by viewing or speaking with visitors before remotely granting access. Doors can be unlocked and gates opened wirelessly if required.

We can install CCTV, movement detection and invisible perimeter detection for sites with large open areas, which will activate police response and announce a recorded warning message.

Our installations are available in both contemporary and heritage designs so they considerately blend into the environment.

What our customers say

Marcus Wilkins, Studio Director, Aedas

“Christmas came early when Sensory Audio Visual Systems recently installed a short throw projector into our offices at Aedas in Birmingham enabling us to interact and draw over our Revit Models to assist us in our work. The installation has completely changed the way we work and both the staff and our clients enjoy using it and interacting with our designs. It is a real conversation piece and breaks down so many boundaries with client feeling really immersed into the schemes.

Brad and I have known each other for a long time now and he frequently comes to the office. The work he does and the manner to which he does it is first class. The service you get from Sensory Audio Visual Systems along with the support is outstanding and I have no hesitation in recommending them.”

Kevin Keane, Owner & Design Consultant, Fahrenheit Design

“Over recent years I have been able to recommend Brad of Sensory Audio Visual Systems to several of my customers due to his ability in providing great service and quality products. In knowing Brad well I feel confident in working with him on my interior design projects and enabling him to complete his remit competently. The audio + CCTV installation work completed at Jimmy Spices Restaurant in Wimbledon following my recommendation to the Owner was first class. Brad is a personable guy with a great attitude who works well with other installers and trades on site as well as being knowledgeable on the best products to suit the project. In my future projects and wherever possible I will continue to recommend Brad to my customers.”

Darren Shiels, Head of Facilities Management, (UK & Ireland) Ernst & Young LLP

“Brad has recently completed an AV installation at our home which was finished impeccably, on time and on budget. I have no hesitation in recommending Brad and would definitely use him again.”

Vaughan Bridges, Senior Project, Manager Faithful+Gould

“I have known Brad and Sensory Audio Visual Systems for a couple of years. They have worked on various projects ranging from design to installation. Brad has excellent knowledge and experience of the AV industry, which benefits office installations, fit out projects, design teams and the clients he works alongside.
He is proactive in solution engineering and an asset to every refurbishment project. I have no hesitation in recommending Brad for a professional service.”

Spencer Turner, Managing Director, Approved Shopfitting and Interiors Ltd

“Really pleased with Brad’s speed to quote, the detail and value of his quotation. Started on time, finished on time and delivered more than he was required to do. Great technical knowledge and patience to explain in layman’s terms as required. Brad’s installation team restores your confidence in tradesmen and we will be certainly working together a lot more in the future….”

CCTV Installation Services in Birmingham

Our CCTV technicians install cameras for homes in and around Birmingham. We can supply the CCTV kit so that you don’t need to do a thing. 

Now you’ve decided to protect your home and loved ones with a CCTV system. Buy your CCTV kit with Sensory Audio Visual Systems and you’ve got the installation taken care of aswell. Spare yourself the extra hours finding an installer and hit two birds with one stone.

If you have already purchased a CCTV camera then rest assured we can install that too.

Tackling crime and protecting your family

CCTV first and foremost acts as an effective deterrent against would be burglars and vandals. Being able to monitor and record all activity around your house also supports you in anything from neighbourly disputes to criminal proceedings. Reduce your exposure to violence and sleep easier with a professional install. (research about crime in Birmingham)

Statistics have shown time and time again that CCTV is responsible for big reductions in crime committed where cameras are installed.

Check the crime in your area

Ever wondered how bad crime is in your neighbourhood? Well now you can check at a click of a button. Find your neighbourhood and 

Click here to see crime levels in your neighbourhood

It’s all part of the service

Sensory Audio Visual systems will help you with advice and support on how best to protect your home and obtain the footage you need. We will then install your CCTV system to the highest standard and make sure you know how to access the information you need. If you already have a CCTV installation, we can work with what you’ve got whether you require modification, repair or maintenance.


  • Best camera sites, angles and fitting taken care of for you
  • We route the cables, there is absolutely nothing for you to do
  • DVR system setup for you
  • CCTV kit installed efficiently
  • Demonstration of functions included
  • We will even setup your devices to stream the footage, so you can check on your home while out of the house

Considerations. What you need to think about beforehand

What is your CCTV intended for?

Ask yourself why you want CCTV in the first place and how you want it to make your premises safer. Is it for protecting entry points like your front and back door? For monitoring your cars? Do you have people trespass in your garden? Once we know this, we can determine the best system for your needs.


How will you use your DVR?

Will you be needing to check in on your CCTV remotely while away from the premises? Do you have plans to expand your CCTV in the future, perhaps to accommodate an extension or additional structure? Are you more comfortable with CDs or USB sticks? The answers to these types of questions will allow us to choose the perfect DVR for you.

How do you want your cameras to appear?

Generally people like yourself prefer the cameras to be either bold and visible to maximise the deterrence, or hidden from view so as not to be perceived. However you may decide you want a particular style or colour. Whatever your preference, these is a solution.

How will you view the CCTV?

These days many prefer to have their CCTV system linked to their TV so that they can easily monitor their feed with minimal effort. You may wish to use a stand alone monitor instead or in rare cases no viewing functionality at all.

How big are your premises?

The bigger your premises and the further away your cameras are, the more cable that will be required. This will also affect containment and possibly the need for extensions.


Is it worth installing CCTV?

Ask anyone who has been a victim of burglary, vandalism or otherwise criminal activity at home. CCTV is worth the investment if safety at home is a priority.

Can the footage actually be used for anything?

Yes, Sensory Audio Visual Systems CCTV is installed in accordance with the CCTV code of practice in the Data Protection Act 1998. This means that your footage will be admissible as evidence in court.

How much do I need to spend?

You get what you pay for when it come to security. It is worth investing in the best system you can to ensure you get high quality images, wireless accessibility and functionality suited to your needs.

Could I not just install it myself?

You can, and we’d be happy to support you with that. However we tend to find that people’s time is valuable and hiring a professional is the best way to get up and running quickly.

J. A. Sutton, Homeowner, Solihull

“We would like to express our appreciation of the work that you have carried out for us in our house, installing our CCTV system.

When we first approached you, we had also invited other companies to specify and quote in relation to the problems we were experiencing. We found you to be the most helpful, because you ‘tuned in’ to our dilemma and came up with various solutions to help us address the situation, and you found us the best equipment deal possible.

Our faith in you was fully justified, not only in the professional manner in which you installed the system, but also because you spent a considerable amount of extra time in solving a problem that was not of your making, to ensure the system delivered exactly what we wanted.

We would also like to let you know that the system was inspected by a member of Solihull Police Community Relations Team, who confirmed that the system covered only our own property, and that he was satisfied we were committing no offence with regard to our neighbours – which was an essential requirement of the installation.”

5.0 rating
5 out of 5 stars (based on 3 reviews)
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“Another local business in the Tamworth area recommended Sensory Audio Visual Systems. A discussion of requirements over the phone followed by a site visit was required to provide a quote. The quote was ready within a couple of days. Installation was completed in one day on an agreed date and all work carried out was to a high standard....

Darren McEntee-Morris

I.T Manager, Faiveley Transport

“It is not often I’ve felt the need to write a compliment letter, however at this time I think it is well deserved.

Brad was able to understand our complex portfolio and provide a quality and tailored product for our needs. He provided us with a first class service in quite a difficult subject, and I am pleased....

Paul Smith

Director, Open Interiors Ltd

“Brad has implemented a number of audio visual and technical control solutions during the last 3 years and so far we have been very impressed with the design and implementation of his work. Looking forward to using Brad again and have no hesitation in recommending his services to friends and colleagues who require home cinema, home automation and multiple zone and video solutions.”

Adrian Kelly

Network Engineer, Atos Origin