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Audio, Video & Control Solutions

Sensory Audio Visual Systems is recognised for the quality and reliability of our service, delivering value and performance to our customers







Audio, Video & Control Solutions

Our high quality AV solutions love to be controlled, and when you find out how easy they are to use you'll understand why.







Audio, Video & Control Solutions

Sensory Audio Visual Systems is recognised for the quality and reliability of our service, delivering value and performance to our customers







Audio, Video & Control Solutions

Our high quality AV solutions love to be controlled, and when you find out how easy they are to use you'll understand why.

Digital Notice Boards Are Your Solution

Moving information draws attention.

Communicate effectively and hold people’s attention with modern day technology that helps you save on printing costs and reduce your carbon footprint. There is no need to spend valuable time manually pinning up notices and posters, then remembering to take them down. Instantly update all or some of your boards onsite, from the head office or even from the other side of the world. If these benefits were not enough, visual messaging is proven to be more effective at attracting and holding attention. We are visual creatures after all.

Digital notice boards are LED display screens that have been programmed to display a live feed of whatever you want. This could be a promotional video in your waiting room, hotel, reception area, showroom, salon, and at point-of-sale. Sensory Audio Visual Systems can mount them portrait or landscape just about anywhere with minimal fuss. They are ideal for businesses, schools, retail outlets, hotels, restaurants, leisure centers, healthcare facilities and much more. It’s easier to sell more to existing customers and it’s easier to gain interest with animated pictures.

What our customers say

Marcus Wilkins, Studio Director, Aedas

“Christmas came early when Sensory Audio Visual Systems recently installed a short throw projector into our offices at Aedas in Birmingham enabling us to interact and draw over our Revit Models to assist us in our work. The installation has completely changed the way we work and both the staff and our clients enjoy using it and interacting with our designs. It is a real conversation piece and breaks down so many boundaries with client feeling really immersed into the schemes.

Brad and I have known each other for a long time now and he frequently comes to the office. The work he does and the manner to which he does it is first class. The service you get from Sensory Audio Visual Systems along with the support is outstanding and I have no hesitation in recommending them.”

Kevin Keane, Owner & Design Consultant, Fahrenheit Design

“Over recent years I have been able to recommend Brad of Sensory Audio Visual Systems to several of my customers due to his ability in providing great service and quality products. In knowing Brad well I feel confident in working with him on my interior design projects and enabling him to complete his remit competently. The audio + CCTV installation work completed at Jimmy Spices Restaurant in Wimbledon following my recommendation to the Owner was first class. Brad is a personable guy with a great attitude who works well with other installers and trades on site as well as being knowledgeable on the best products to suit the project. In my future projects and wherever possible I will continue to recommend Brad to my customers.”

Darren Shiels, Head of Facilities Management, (UK & Ireland) Ernst & Young LLP

“Brad has recently completed an AV installation at our home which was finished impeccably, on time and on budget. I have no hesitation in recommending Brad and would definitely use him again.”

Vaughan Bridges, Senior Project, Manager Faithful+Gould

“I have known Brad and Sensory Audio Visual Systems for a couple of years. They have worked on various projects ranging from design to installation. Brad has excellent knowledge and experience of the AV industry, which benefits office installations, fit out projects, design teams and the clients he works alongside.
He is proactive in solution engineering and an asset to every refurbishment project. I have no hesitation in recommending Brad for a professional service.”

Spencer Turner, Managing Director, Approved Shopfitting and Interiors Ltd

“Really pleased with Brad’s speed to quote, the detail and value of his quotation. Started on time, finished on time and delivered more than he was required to do. Great technical knowledge and patience to explain in layman’s terms as required. Brad’s installation team restores your confidence in tradesmen and we will be certainly working together a lot more in the future….”

The content can be controlled by external factors such as time/day, weather and RSS feeds. There are no printing costs with digital signage and updates are simple and convenient and can even be remotely managed via the internet, reducing costs further still.

Typically people like to connect their electronic notice board to their computer for easy access and control. We can assist you in setting this system up if that is how you prefer to manage your boards but digital signage players are fast becoming the way to go.


  • Less power used
  • Secure OS and tighter security
  • Easy to use, point and click interface
  • Themes to give displays a professional look right out of the box
  • Infinitely scalable so you can use as many screens as you want

Just some of the many benefits to digital signs


Effective Communication

Convery your messaging instantaneously using all sorts of media. It is as simple as point and click.

Efficient Messaging

Roll out your content accross a few, dozens or even hundreds of screens simultaneously and reclaim your time.

The Sky Is The Limit

You can use digital signage for almost anything such as menu boards, schedule info, promotions & advertising & more.


Flexible approach

Utilise the power of multimedia, change your message instantly & even control it all from your phone.

Make Savings

Reduce your dependency on printed materials and make savings all while reducing your carbon footprint.

Easy Scheduling

Set schedules to show what you want, when you want. Plan your content months in advance as it suits you.

Sue Byrane, Simpsons

“Dear Brad, I felt I must write to thank both you and the installation guys, who have all acted in a friendly and professional manner at all times.

They fitted in with our restaurant schedule without question, cleaned up after making any mess and generally tried to avoid any unnecessary further disruption.

Their continual sense of humour ensured they fitted well into the team atmosphere and we would not hesitate in recommending them to any future company considering employing your services.”

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Multimedia digital displays

Show off your video, slideshows and live feeds with an attractive multimedia display. It doesn’t matter what business you are in, the possibilities are endless. In this modern age, digital is the way to go. If you are still relying on paper based notice boards then give us a call today and let us walk you through the options.


Management and Monitoring

If you have a large site we can install a manager server to control each display individually or as part of a group. This means, for example, that all displays in every waiting area can show the same media whilst all the displays at entry points can show something completely different. All media is centrally managed for simplicity and scalability. The software also acts as a monitoring service so that you are notified of any potential problems found.

Corporate notice boards

Digital signage is the next level to the traditional paper based notice boards and company-wide memos of the dark ages. It is effortless to manage and to syndicate fresh content. There is no limit to the application of such advanced messaging. Here are some of the more popular uses:

  • Welcome visitors to your offices
  • Brand the areas of your workplace with heavy foot traffic
  • Circulate marketing material
  • Schedules and bookings for meeting rooms
  • Increase staff morale with awards and positive statistics
  • Display targets and volume (typically in a call center environment)
  • Project information

Email quickly turns into clutter and reduces productivity. Newsletters are often ignored by staff as they focus on their busy schedule and workload. A digital notice board can help you keep all your staff up to date with the latest goings on. Many companies are already repurposing plasma or LED screens to get their message heard. By getting a professional eboard installed you can do the same far more effectively by mixing up the content with social, safety and company related content. The dynamic nature of the software means that there is always something new to see and it is effortless to manage.

Outdoor digital signage

If nobody is taking notice of your signs and promotions then it is time to switch to a more engaging method. In a world of social media, smart devices and a 3 second attention span, digital signs outside your premises are one of the most effective ways of getting foot traffic and driving sales.


Digital posters

A digital poster can be used for anything from promoting products, menu listings, staff & student communications or even just a welcome message. They are the ideal medium when the content doesn’t need to be updated remotely or the grounds simply lack the network infrastructure to do so.

We believe AV should be kept simple. That’s why all of our digital poster installs can be managed by a USB stick without the need for a computer to be hooked up to the stand. This is achieved by equipping the poster with a built in media player. All ports and buttons are covered under lock and key to prevent tampering.

All of the digital posters we install are made from high quality panels which means you can keep them running 24/7, without worrying about embarrassing failures. Because they use LED technology you don’t have to concern yourself with high running energy costs now or in the future.

Creating content for your new promotional powerhouses couldn’t be easier. Just drag and drop on to the USB stick any pictures, video, music or even a powerpoint presentation. Set the play order, interval, schedule and many other parameters to get the exact effect you want. The applications are limitless and nothing is irreversible so you can experiment or switch up campaigns at your leisure.

  • Cost effective alternative to paper posters and signs
  • No complex network or IT professional required to operate
  • Works with a large variety of modern multimedia formats
  • Schedule what is displayed based on your preferred hours
  • Completely secure
  • Software included
  • Easy to start at the press of a button
  • Modern look

Frequently Asked Questions

What is digital signage, really?
Any number of stylish commercial screens are connected to computers which allows you to display any content you wish at the click of a button or the tap of a device. It is an efficient way for brands to convey their messaging.
Where would you install the screens?
We visit your premises before making recommendations and note the ideal placement for each screen taking into account foot traffic, potential distractions and other factors. As audio visual specialists we are the ideal team to install your screens with minimal disruption and visible works.

“Another local business in the Tamworth area recommended Sensory Audio Visual Systems. A discussion of requirements over the phone followed by a site visit was required to provide a quote. The quote was ready within a couple of days. Installation was completed in one day on an agreed date and all work carried out was to a high standard....

Darren McEntee-Morris

I.T Manager, Faiveley Transport

“It is not often I’ve felt the need to write a compliment letter, however at this time I think it is well deserved.

Brad was able to understand our complex portfolio and provide a quality and tailored product for our needs. He provided us with a first class service in quite a difficult subject, and I am pleased....

Paul Smith

Director, Open Interiors Ltd

“Brad has implemented a number of audio visual and technical control solutions during the last 3 years and so far we have been very impressed with the design and implementation of his work. Looking forward to using Brad again and have no hesitation in recommending his services to friends and colleagues who require home cinema, home automation and multiple zone and video solutions.”

Adrian Kelly

Network Engineer, Atos Origin