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Audio, Video & Control Solutions

Sensory Audio Visual Systems is recognised for the quality and reliability of our service, delivering value and performance to our customers







Audio, Video & Control Solutions

Our high quality AV solutions love to be controlled, and when you find out how easy they are to use you'll understand why.







Audio, Video & Control Solutions

Sensory Audio Visual Systems is recognised for the quality and reliability of our service, delivering value and performance to our customers







Audio, Video & Control Solutions

Our high quality AV solutions love to be controlled, and when you find out how easy they are to use you'll understand why.

Commercial Audio Solutions

Sensory Audio Visual Systems provide you with the perfect background music solution to create a relaxing environment for customers, either while they are dining, dancing, waiting in reception areas or browsing products.

Our professional audio solutions offer multi-zone control and playback solutions that are intuitive and simple to operate. This enables pre-programmed music to be fed to multiple sites simultaneously delivering the desired atmosphere.

As well as the expected speakers, microphones and sound systems we specialise in induction loop and infrared hearing systems for accessibility to hearing aid owners. This is a legal requirement of the Equality Act 2010 in scenarios where businesses have direct contact with the public. Think retail or hospitality.
We have a wealth of product knowledge and experience sourcing, maintaining and installing commercial sound equipment across the UK. From retail music solutions to public address PA systems, we are the audio consultants ideally placed to fulfil your needs.

Bringing the WOW factor

We can build bespoke solutions to create commercial spaces that come alive and influence the people present with each step. Whether it is a calming room to relax your clientele or an energising atmosphere to inspire creativity, we have you covered.

Right from the start of the project, we are thinking about how best to make your commercial property look and feel great for your clients, staff and customers

What our customers say

Marcus Wilkins, Studio Director, Aedas

“Christmas came early when Sensory Audio Visual Systems recently installed a short throw projector into our offices at Aedas in Birmingham enabling us to interact and draw over our Revit Models to assist us in our work. The installation has completely changed the way we work and both the staff and our clients enjoy using it and interacting with our designs. It is a real conversation piece and breaks down so many boundaries with client feeling really immersed into the schemes.

Brad and I have known each other for a long time now and he frequently comes to the office. The work he does and the manner to which he does it is first class. The service you get from Sensory Audio Visual Systems along with the support is outstanding and I have no hesitation in recommending them.”

Kevin Keane, Owner & Design Consultant, Fahrenheit Design

“Over recent years I have been able to recommend Brad of Sensory Audio Visual Systems to several of my customers due to his ability in providing great service and quality products. In knowing Brad well I feel confident in working with him on my interior design projects and enabling him to complete his remit competently. The audio + CCTV installation work completed at Jimmy Spices Restaurant in Wimbledon following my recommendation to the Owner was first class. Brad is a personable guy with a great attitude who works well with other installers and trades on site as well as being knowledgeable on the best products to suit the project. In my future projects and wherever possible I will continue to recommend Brad to my customers.”

Darren Shiels, Head of Facilities Management, (UK & Ireland) Ernst & Young LLP

“Brad has recently completed an AV installation at our home which was finished impeccably, on time and on budget. I have no hesitation in recommending Brad and would definitely use him again.”

Vaughan Bridges, Senior Project, Manager Faithful+Gould

“I have known Brad and Sensory Audio Visual Systems for a couple of years. They have worked on various projects ranging from design to installation. Brad has excellent knowledge and experience of the AV industry, which benefits office installations, fit out projects, design teams and the clients he works alongside.
He is proactive in solution engineering and an asset to every refurbishment project. I have no hesitation in recommending Brad for a professional service.”

Spencer Turner, Managing Director, Approved Shopfitting and Interiors Ltd

“Really pleased with Brad’s speed to quote, the detail and value of his quotation. Started on time, finished on time and delivered more than he was required to do. Great technical knowledge and patience to explain in layman’s terms as required. Brad’s installation team restores your confidence in tradesmen and we will be certainly working together a lot more in the future….”
Sensory Audio Visual Systems service offering includes things like:


  • High-end audio systems
  • Speakers and amplification
  • Acoustic room treatment for noise reduction or sound quality
  • Showrooms and events
  • Multi-room audio and visual
  • Internet connectivity and infrastructure
  • Outdoor audio systems
  • PA systems

Audio Installation

Before we start your commercial audio installation it is important to select the right equipment. Our AV experts can advise you on all of your best options and offer a range of packages created specifically for installation into commercial premises such as restaurants, bars, retail outlets and more.

Sensory Audio Visual Systems is built around a specialised team of experts that excel at customised installations. That means every challenge and unique requests can be accommodated. To this end we support you during the design phase of your audio system, we can even take this stage off your hands if you wish.

The right product for the right project

We supply a range of recognised, high-quality brands that vary in design and suitability. Having assessed your needs and listened to your concerns we will recommend the right brand and product for installation.

Large Scale Installations

A large-scale installation is defined by the size of the premises as well as the amount of equipment necessary to complete the project. Whether it is a sports stadium, shopping center or other large space, Sensory Audio Visual Systems can accommodate your needs.

Typically we will see requests for emergency evacuations audio systems. Not only must the design and installation be of the highest quality, there are legal requirements as well. It is imperative that your chosen contractor understands the implications of such a project and how to guarantee compliance.

Once your system is installed we don’t stop there. We believe aftercare is a vital component of customer service and will support you as your system evolves. Get in touch and tell us about your project, we’d love to hear about it 0121 289 3233.

Audio System Design

The design of your audio system in terms of its physical appearance is often neglected as an afterthought. However how you present and integrate your system into the environment is always important. After all, it is the only thing people actually ‘see’.

Audio Consultants Bringing Sound Solutions

Our audio solutions are suitable for independent restaurants, right up to large-scale stadiums. We believe that ‘solution’ is synonymous with a complete service. As AV specialists we take into account all factors such as lighting, customer convenience, noise reduction and quality, health and safety and just about every other consideration. The sound is not experienced in isolation and so we don’t isolate our focus.

Sometimes a full purchase of an audio system is not the right option for your business, that’s why we offer the option to finance installations on a contract rental basis. To learn more about this ask a member of our team.

Zoned solutions

More and more we are seeing demand for zoned or multi-room audio solutions. This is ideal for venues that operate differently during the night and day like clubs and other social venues. In the entertainment sector particularly, enabling different audio sources to be distributed to selected rooms or areas of the building is a must.

By utilising modern noise management we can even create different sound environments in the same room, provided it is big enough. Being able to walk from one sound environment into another seamlessly redefines what is considered possible. Every project is different and the right solution may not always be the same as past similar projects.

Commercial PA System Installations

Sensory Audio Visual Systems are experienced in delivering end to end public address systems. The resulting sound equipment usually consists of a mixing console, specialised amplifiers, audio processors and a reliable speaker system selected for the customers’ requirements.

Designing and installing a PA system for use on large-scale commercial premises requires a specialised skill set and the right equipment. Sensory Audio Visual Systems use only certified technologies and cabling systems. These systems have built-in redundancy so that you can have confidence in it’s continuing operation during fires, emergencies and unexpected events.

Managing such a large scale project after completion can be stressful if not considered in the design phase. We supply a range of touch screens and tablets for simplifying and controlling the system and numerous networks intuitively. This has the often overlooked benefit of improving site safety.

Sometimes a new PA system is not right for your business or organisation. We can service and maintain your PA and voice alarm systems without taking your equipment off-site.

Induction Loop and hearing loop Installations

Many of us become hard of hearing as we age and accessibility for the disabled and ability impaired is on the increase in the UK, both in terms of awareness and accommodation. An induction loop transmits audio to those wearing a hearing aid by way of magnetic fields. Sound incredible? It is.

Cables are run under the floor and around the floors which creates a magnetic field in a designated area. There are many variations of this technique each with their advantages and disadvantages. An experienced audio consultant can help you incorporate this into a larger scale project for added value.

Infrared induction loops are an alternative to the induction method. This often opted for when dealing with smaller venues where the rooms are closer together. It prevents audio from spilling out into neighbouring rooms and allows for more control.


Sensory Audio Visual Systems have been installing commercial audio systems for over two decades across all business sectors.

Quality Brands

We only work with the best brands to bring you high quality commercial audio.

Competitive Quotes

We can turnaround a quote much faster than the industry average. Our quotes are very competitive.

Wireless Tannoy Systems

We source, install and maintain tannoy systems all over Birmingham and the West Midlands region. Whether you need a small scale system for employee announcements or something automated like a background music system, there is a solution tailored to your needs. Some popular use cases are:

  • Public Address
  • Background Music
  • Emergency Alarms
  • Voice Alarms
  • Intercoms


Tannoy speakers come in all shapes, sizes, colours and technical specifications. There is a solution for every environment which means each zone can be tailored to your requirements. For example, we can install a separate set of speakers in a car park to what is used inside a theme park or stadium. This flexibility comes at no extra cost because it can be incorporated into the same system.

Weatherproof speakers, it is the UK after all

If your project involves premises that are active outdoors and subject to the typical wind and rainfall seen across the country, the speaks will need to be capable of delivering the same performance. Ask one of our AV specialists for advice on selecting the appropriate speaker and avoid costly mistakes.


With traditional public address systems, you are limited in terms of placement and redeployment of the speaks since they rely on cables that essentially fix them in place. A wireless tannoy speaker can be as simple as unplug, move, plugin. There is an additional cost for this extra flexibility, though that is declining with the increased adoption of this technology each year. Factor in the reduced labour costs of installing the speakers and it is well worth considering.


Our PA and tannoy systems can integrate with traditional audio solutions. If you have an existing installation then this added functionality can be obtained without sacrificing your current investment thus far.

Factory PA Systems

Public address or ‘tannoy’ systems are popular in the industrial sector where the needs and considerations are very different to the commercial sector. Sensory Audio Visual Systems have the experience and skilled team necessary to deliver tailored solutions in such hazardous and strict locations.

The latest in control technology

A wireless tannoy system can be controlled via a pc, tablet or even a smartphone. That means you have the ability to broadcast across the whole network of speakers from the palm of your hand. The only restriction is that you must be connected to the same WiFi network for it to work.

Commercial Background Music Systems

Sensory Audio Visual Systems install premium background music systems and ensure that the sound is heard in the same quality and at the same volume consistently throughout the establishment. Whether it is a retail outlet, pub, hotel, restaurant or other premises in the hospitality industry we can deliver a tailored solution to meet your requirements. In fact, it is the unusual requests full of challenges that we enjoy most.

Restaurant background music systems

Serving great food is just the beginning. In order to keep customers happy and coming back the staff must be on form, the presentation remarkable and the atmosphere perfect. A good background music system will create a mood for any situation, influencing how your customers and staff feel. Transport them to the Mediterranean, relax them with a slower tempo or create excitement as if from the air itself.

You control the ambience

Select a peaceful preset of music for the quieter hours or during lunch time and then seamlessly switch to more energetic background music for a busy evening crowd. The right music at the right time enhances the consumer experience and keeps them coming back. Such an impact can be hard to measure at first, but you know it is happening. You can see it in the customer’s body language in the way they sway to the music, mime lyrics and smile throughout.

Motivate staff

Your front of house staff are your sales team and music plays an important part in keeping them motivated and happy. But it’s not just the waiter or the bartender, your back of house staff benefit from background music too. A hot and busy kitchen can be a trying environment to work in, especially with the pressure that comes with any successful restaurant. The right background music system can improve the temperament of the staff, mitigate stress and improve productivity.

The right system for your restaurant

Sensory Audio Visual Systems work with some of the best and most well-known brands in the industry. We provide an end to end service from design right through to aftercare, tailored to your budget and requirements.

Our background audio solutions are compatible with modern managed music systems that take the hassle out of managing a playlist. Just select a prepared list labelled by mood or environment or even schedule the playlists so that you don’t have to think about it again. If you want more control, you can have as much say as to what goes into the playlist as you want. We also offer an aftercare service so that you don’t have to worry about maintenance or what to do should your needs change.

Kind words from some of our customers

Geoff Stockle, Manager, Connexions

“Please accept this letter as recommendation for the work carried out by Sensory Audio Visual Systems.

They submitted a very competitive quote for hearing induction loops across our thirteen offices and the work was completed in good time with minimum disruption to our public service. They also returned to perform training on the equipment and have been easy to contact via the phone or email.

We have used them for CCTV supply recently and will use their services for future acquisition of related equipment.

I have no hesitation in recommending them for supply of services to your company.”

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